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While the foreclosure moratorium is helping homeowners hold onto their home during the COVID pandemic, it is also forcing investors like Aaron Amuchastegui to shift their entire strategy. By remaining flexible and adapting to the current market situation, he is able to find deals and opportunities in other places. Today we will dig into the data and show you exactly how he’s doing it. 

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The most successful leaders are the ones who learn how to manage stress the best. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a mystery. I’m not going to give you motivation in this episode. But I will show you how you can effectively eliminate the feeling of overwhelm by simply taking stress as a challenge and following these 4 simple steps. It’s the same process I’ve been using for years, and it’s what has allowed me to rise above the chaos that would keep most people from moving forward. Let’s dive in.

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It might seem counterintuitive for me to talk about how to close deals without having the internet, but that is exactly what one of our guests did. In 2017 Adam Johnson was able to close 43 deals without using the internet at all. I wanted to have Brent and Adam on the podcast again to share tips, habits, and what they do differently than other investors that allow them to find and close so many deals.

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This is for the people that know they need to start shooting videos or finally start that podcast, but are too afraid to start or don’t know where to start. You know the power of content marketing, you want to become an authority in your market, but maybe you’re worried about what people will think, or you don’t know what to talk about. I’ve been in your shoes. Let me take you back to my first awkward stages of content and tell you why I wouldn’t change a thing, and how I found my voice. Let’s go.

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Back in May, I shared the data behind how covid is affecting motivated sellers and exactly how investors should be adapting through this unpredictable market. Now, this was all on a private Zoom call with our friends at I want to share it with you because the concepts and strategies we go over are just as relevant today as they were a few months ago. When others are not willing to change with the times, this is your chance to serve people better than ever, and come out thriving.

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How often do you get to the end of the week without getting the most importing things done? We make our to-do lists, tackle it as fast as we can, and somehow still struggle to move the needle. I learned a couple tricks recently that opened my eyes to how I can flip the script on this, and it works. This is how we accomplish the things that matter most, create time for what matters most, and fight the overwhelm. Listen in.

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When the right partnerships are formed, the sky is the limit. Meeting someone, clicking with them, and sharing common goals with someone can take you to places you never thought possible. Working with the right partner can help you become a better version of yourself. This is true for Keith Sant and Norberto Ponce who have never met in person, yet have positively influenced each other both in life and in business. Here’s how they do it…

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I came across this quote scrolling through instagram the other day and it inspired me to record a podcast on a few of the things I’ve learned over the last few years. I go over some of the most important concepts I’ve learned over the years - what I’ve learned about money and happiness after making my first million to staying on track with habits as a busy leader of a fast-growing team. Listen in.

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After 15 years wholesaling properties, Alex made a decision to step away from his business. As his coach said to him, not pursuing your talents, is robbing the future of what you are able to offer. It is important to share your gifts with the people following in our footsteps. That said, Alex is now focusing on the things that bring him joy and energy. Right now, those things are Ascent and his podcast, Flip Empire, where he dives into all things related to real estate investment.

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How much of your precious energy are you wasting by overvaluing negativity and undervaluing positivity? I know I was wasting a ton this last week when I was fresh back from sabbatical and jumped back into work. It only took two little hiccups to drag me down - but not for too long :) This episode is a note of encouragement and a remedy for the haters that drag you down when you’re on a hot streak. Let’s go.

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How burnt out are you from spending so much of your time cold calling while still not closing enough deals? We brought on the real estate industry’s cold calling guru, Beau Hollis from Louisville, Kentucky to teach us how he closes 1 deal for every 150 cold calls made, when most investors need about 600 calls to get a deal! Yes, he’s closing 8-10 deals per month, mostly cold calling! Listen in now to get his best secrets and his simple foolproof cold calling script that will cut your time on the phone in half so you can make some dang money and get back to spending your time doing the things that you love… which is probably not making cold calls.

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As they say, the fortune is in the follow-up. Gary Boomershine and Robert Syfert have mastered it. From flipping properties, offering turnkey rentals, and creating some of the most robust software, these guys have done it all. Today we will learn about their scripts, sequences, and how creating great habits have improved every aspect of their lives. If you are struggling to convert the leads you’re bringing in, this episode of the Carrotcast is for you!

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Sometimes the hard thing about taking time off when you’re a leader is keeping the money coming in. So what’s the trick to not only getting by while you’re on vacation, but actually growing your business? Today I’m breaking down exactly that, plus how to come back stronger, with more free time, less stress, and have a crystal clear picture of your responsibility as a leader. Want to take a sabbatical that actually pays off? Tune in.

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About a year ago, we connected with a new member here at Carrot, and he's one of the most passionate, action-taking, just hustlers, that you'll find out there.

I was so impressed. He joined Carrot a week or two later. He was up here in Oregon at our Carrot HQ for the very first CarrotCamp, and it was just really, really amazing, and I was crazy impressed seeing what he had been doing in Dallas, Texas, as a solo operator, using some crazy, crazy, creative marketing.

You're going to be hearing about some of that marketing here on this call, but that's not the end story.

When I was down in Dallas a few months ago, I met him and his two business partners, and since the time I'd first met him, about a year ago, he formed a partnership with two other local investors.

Since then, they've really scaled up their business in a big way, and they've done it by carving out a niche to where they can close deals that most other investors in their market can't.

They have other investors sending them deals all the time that say, "Hey, we can't figure out how to make this a deal," and they make them deals.

There's one deal that he talks about on this podcast where the person was going through foreclosure. He was able to help save the house. They stayed in the house, and he gave them money, $20 grand or whatever it was, for her daughter's wedding, and not just that, they're going to end up making a really, really, really big payday at the end of this because they are creative with their deals.

That was the deal that everyone else looked at and said, "There's nothing here," and he turned it into a $30,000+ payday and helped the seller in a big way, and that seller's just eternally grateful.

I want to introduce you to Tang Nguyen and his business partners with The Odd Brothers, Fred and Eric. Two amazing dudes, as well, and listen to their story. Be inspired by how they saw collaboration, not competition, with other people in their market. See how they're being creative and thinking about deals in different ways.

When entering a tighter market, you need to be more creative with your deals. You need to find ways to collaborate with other investors, not be competing with them, and shift that mindset, you all.

This is a collaborative industry. When you look at your competition as competition and not as a collaboration, that's when it gets really, really hard. That's when you're out on an island by yourself.

They get emails and text messages every single day from local wholesalers and flippers who say, "Man, I've got this deal. I don't know how to structure it. Is this something you can handle?"

Introducing Tang Nguyen, Fred, and Eric from The Odd Brothers, and an amazing, amazing story. Dive in.

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I’m 3 weeks into sabbatical at the time of recording this and wanted to share something that’s really impacted me recently. Magical moments. It’s been so long since I disconnected from work like this that it’s given me the perspective to see what I’ve been missing out on. And it’s giving me the creativity and wisdom to figure out how to create these moments more often and get the most out of them. Tune in to hear how you can make the most of the time you were given, whether you are caught in the grind or on vacation yourself. Related: Create your vision story:

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Radio is old-school. Because of this, investors and agents will confuse themselves with their target demographic, avoiding radio advertising altogether. However, if you are an investor looking deals in your area, your target demographic is very likely listening to the radio! Today, we sat down with Chris Arnold to learn more about how he had relied on radio advertising to build and grow his multiple companies. Learn about what works, what to avoid, and how to build a business that offers freedom and impact.

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I’ve picked up a few golden insights from a couple books I’m reading right now called  “The Great CEO Within” & “The Infinite Game”. I want to share them with you today. I’ve been reading them throughout my sabbatical and they’ve helped re-ignite the passion of why I started this business in the first place.  Whether you’re a CEO or just starting out, these concepts are something everyone needs to pause and think about. Let’s go.

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I’ve never heard an investor explain their strategy like Pace. Not only is he closing deals in ways other investors don’t have a clue about, but he is also mentoring and coaching others to do the same. Today you are going to learn how Pace has built his brand, become a storyteller, developed creative financing strategies for his clients, and how he is now converting 1 in every 22 leads. websites

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I’m 8 days into my 1 month sabbatical at the time of recording this. No email. No slack. No meetings… Today, I want to address a lie that too many entrepreneurs tell themselves when it comes to freedom. I want to talk to you about steps you can take today to start working towards a business that doesn’t implode when you walk away. And I want to paint a picture of something you can aspire to, so you can put in the work today and reap the benefits in 5 years, instead of 40. Let’s go.

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Imagine pulling in over 50+ leads per day? Now imagine doing it all organically. Generating high-quality leads is more than just setting up a website or launching a campaign. In the past 3 years alone, Jason has generated over 100k leads for his business! Today, Jason is giving us a full strategy breakdown, sharing with us how he is crushing it on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Ads, and more! He will share with us the framework and the formulas so you can get out there and crush it too!

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Just a few years ago, Tyler Ford was ready to give up on the real estate industry. Burnt out on chasing leads and tired of the competition, he needed a change. Fast forward to today, Tyler has developed a time tested formula that he uses to buy 1-3 properties a month, without spending a dime on direct mail, bandit signs, or chasing deals on the MLS. Find out the exact formula Tyler is using to crush it as an agent & investor in this episode.

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I struggle with discipline. I struggle with consistency. And like most, I struggle with motivation at times. But thankfully, a few years ago a friend shared with me an exercise that radically changed my life. I’ve since modified it and go through it at least 2x per year. It keeps me balanced, healthy, motivated, and happy. It helps me create challenges to improve on the weak spot of my life. I want to share this quick exercise with you and talk about the difference easy routines VS building real discipline.

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Like many of our listeners out there, William Brown is closing deals and having tremendous success in the wholesale arena. However, unlike many of our listeners, William is only 20 years old. His cadence and knowledge of the industry go well beyond his years. Out of the box thinking and a pure determination to be successful have helped William to close 80 deals in the last 18 months. If you are just getting started or if you want to take your investment game to the next level, this episode is for you!

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So many of us are so used to being caught up in the hustle, that we don’t even realise we’re worn out. Used to constantly striving, grinding, hustling, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually rest. I’m not talking about taking time off. I’m talking about a state of mind -one where peace and contentment trumps striving. I’m talking about working for rest vs. resting for work. If you’re still waiting to fully arrive at life one day, then this episode is for you. Listen in.

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What if instead of spending all of your time and marketing dollars shouting from the rooftops, you could take just a fraction of that effort and attract your most ideal clients? What if you had fun with marketing and instead of it being a pain-point for your business? Mike Cuevas is about to show you how. He’s an expert in building authority and he's going to break down some of his all-time best strategies for you in this podcast episode. Are you ready?

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Last week I talked about why I'm taking an entire month off and the high-level of what it takes to be able to do it. This week I'm going to dive a little bit deeper into how you can actually structure your entire business model so that it's one that invites more freedom. I'm also going to be talking about how I've learned to delegate way more than simply tasks, and what exactly my team will be doing while I'm out. Let’s go :)

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We’re all dealing with some crazy times right now, but that doesn’t mean business has stopped. Many of us are “locked_down” but that doesn’t mean people are hiding out in their homes all day every day. The world is still moving, just at a slower pace. Today, we sat down with David Lecko to talk about some amazing strategies you can use when driving for dollars and how you can use DealMachine and Investor Carrot to amplify your success rate.

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Yep, I’m serious. This isn’t just motivation and me telling you how to take a vacation. This is a glimpse behind the scenes of the steps I’ve taken with my team to make this possible. And if you don’t have a team yet, this is going to prepare you for the day you do. I’m talking about how to build your business around your lifestyle, instead of your lifestyle around your business. Ready for a vaca?

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Now, more than ever, part-time real estate investment is helping people to not only subsidize lost income but to generate additional revenue for their families. In this two-part series, we sat down with Dennis Fassett as well as Paul DoCampo to discuss how they balance part-time real estate investment with a family, kids, and a full-time job.

Whether you are currently investing part-time, full-time, or if you are working a 9 to 5 and thinking about investing, Paul’s story will have something for you.

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Question for ya. How do you know when you're doing the right thing in your business? We all set out for more freedom, flexibility, finances, and impact, but so many of us end up way off track from that original vision. Today, I want to give you my perspective on why this happens, where we go wrong, and what you can do about it. I want to help you hit the reset button and get back on track towards a business and life that fills you up instead of dragging you down. Let’s dive in.

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With Coronavirus wreaking havoc on the economy, now, more than ever, part-time investing is helping people to not only subsidize lost income but to generate more revenue than they had ever imagined. In this two-part series, we will sit down with returning CarrotCast guest Dennis Fassett as well as Paul DoCampo. We’ll talk about how you can get started, how you can do it while still having a job, and why you need to be a great real estate marketer to close the most deals

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Does your team struggle with feeling productive, empowered, fulfilled… driven? If so, there’s a good chance it might have to do with how their job was (or wasn’t) laid out for them. I want to share with you some of the growing pains I'm going through as a leader, the flaw that I've discovered with how we define team member’s rolls & success, and the exact changes that we are making to fix it, in order to power and unleash our team.... plus, a little bit about the MJ/Last Dance Docuseries :) Listen in.

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2 Years ago, Aaron and Krista weren’t even thinking about doing real estate full-time. But in 2019, they brought in over 650k in commissions! By being genuine, building relationships, and adding real value for their clients, they have seen incredible success on both the agent and investor side. Learn how they are making a real name for themselves and the unique approaches they take to grow their business each and every day.

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I want to share a timely story with y'all. Because so many people are sitting at home wondering who is going to save them… wondering why their journey hasn't been easier, and wondering why they aren't further along by now. I want to give you a glimpse behind the scenes into the years that it took me to become “successful”. Not to brag, but to inspire you through these challenging times. Because I've been through it, and I want to help you get through it too… but there are no shortcuts. Let’s go.

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EP 208: Owner Finance + Private Money To Gain A Market Advantage w/ Mitch Stephen

As they say, if you don't adapt you die... and many real estate investors aren't adapting to the market changes.

One of the ways many investors are changing their strategy is to selling properties with owner finance to build big passive income streams and gain an advantage.

Mitch Stephen has bought and sold over 1,500 homes in Texas alone and we talk about how he does his Owner Finance strategy and how he couples that with private money to gain a huge edge and serve his clients the best.

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It’s been about 1-2 months since we started to see the impact COVID-19 has had on the real estate industry. But, a few things have changed since then, which is why I want to catch you up to speed on some of the data we’re seeing behind the scenes at Carrot. And, how we see the best agents and investors using content to adapt to the situation and consistently bring in more leads. Listen in.

People are conducting business a little bit differently these days, but that doesn’t mean things have to stop or slow down. With over a quarter BILLION in volume, Brent Daniels knows all about the importance of the hustle and avoiding the doom and gloom attitude. While some investors are pulling back, people like Brent are going full steam ahead, even doubling down on their marketing efforts. Hear what works for him and who you need to talk to in your town to generate the most deals

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Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PDT - There are two ways you can respond to a crisis.You can hope it doesn't happen again, or you can roll with the punches and set up your business for a more stable future. Today I want to share with you a few things I have been teaching for years that apply now more than ever. It's not too late to implement these so you can get back up on your feet and come out stronger than ever.  I'm talking list building, multiple alarms of marketing, and long-term strategy. Listen in.

How do you create a business that not only survives but thrives during times of uncertainty? CarrotCamp alum Rob Nickell of RocketStation knows all about the importance of delegation, stability, and building the right team. Today Rob will share his journey, laying out exactly how agents, investors, and entrepreneurs can create processes and build teams to free up their time and take their business to the next level.

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We're all having to wade through times right now. But right now also can be time to reflect and be thankful and grateful for opportunities to look at life differently. It's a perfect time to set some consistently and self-discipline. Too many of us get fired up about something motivational... such as a Tony Robbins speech or heck even this podcast. But what happens is that quick motivation burst fades. You go from a candy high to crashing. Instead, there should be a shift to have a long-term mindset. Shift out of a motivation mindset to something more discipline. Say yes to the hard things and build mental toughness. That's what we're going to dive in on and more!

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Cody started wholesaling with nothing and became a multimillionaire by age 30. Today he runs CleverInvestor where he educates investors to follow in his footsteps. Get a literal behind the scenes look at his team and office, hear how they’re using artificial intelligence to find their deals, and how they have effectively adapted to doing business during the Coronavirus. We’ll discuss the outlook on the economy and what you can do to position yourself for success.

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Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PDT - Before Carrot, Trevor built multiple businesses that made him money. The problem was, he was burnt out from what we call “hamster wheel marketing”. Those businesses had him continually chasing leads, and when he stopped marketing, the leads would stop coming in. Unpredictable income was causing a lot of stress. This is what lead to the creation of Carrot. Listen in to hear Trevor’s story and find out how you can build a predictable business that brings you real freedom.

The Coronavirus has altered life for people all over the world. Investors and agents may feel a slowdown, but there are a number of things you can do right now to pivot within your business so you can still acquire and convert leads. Mike Hambright of InvestorFuel talks with the top investors from around the nation. Today, I sat down with him to find out what they're doing... marketing, giving the right message, and what agents and investors can do to come out of all of this stronger than before. Listen in!

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If you’re stuck at home, falling out of your healthy habits, and struggling to find your peace, then you’re not alone. In this episode, Trevor gets up close and personal to show you as a high-performer how you can re-focus on what’s important and rebuild your habits to get back to the best versions of yourself. Listen in and make sure to follow along with the powerful exercise he’ll be teaching in this episode.

Not only has Ben Lovro had a massive comeback with his life and his career, but he is dedicated to living a life of purpose. His story inspires those around him and his goals will help him have a lasting impact on humanity. He started with nothing and is now owning the markets around him. Ben is a perfect example that if you do the work, get the right tools, and the right team, you’ll be able to crush it too. Today he is sharing everything he does master his mindset and to get 4-6 deals each and every month.

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Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PDT - Redfin, Zillow, Offerpad, Opendoor have all recently suspended their “ibuyer” programs. What this means is a massive opportunity for you as an agent or investor. Not only the opportunity to close deals that the ibuyers normally would’ve taken, but to show people that you really do have a higher-value service, with a faster ability to solve their problems. This episode we’re going to show you how you can shift your messaging, continue to consistently (and safely) close deals when others are backing out during these wild times. Listen in.

Coronavirus is throwing a wrench in the gears of many investors and agents. You’re probably wondering what you can do to keep your leads rolling in during these wild times. That’s why we’re bringing on “The House Heroes” to show you their exact process that’s still consistently pulling in leads, and show you the 1 marketing channel that hasn’t been disrupted! Lucas & Earl actually happen to bring in some of the highest lead volume from all our customers. So listen in, get their strategy, and implement.

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Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PDT - In a crisis like this, people tune out. The marketing that worked for you a few weeks ago, won’t necessarily work right now. But, there’s still hope - we’re talking with agents and investors every day who are still consistently closing deals. Why? Because they’re shifting. Today, we give you specific, real-life examples for agents and investors of exactly what you should be talking about in your content right now...Videos, Blogs, Ads, Emails, everything word-for-word. This is what you need to be doing if you want to keep momentum in your business going forward. You’ve got this.

Have you created your dream business only to find that the freedom and flexibility you envisioned simply don’t exist? After hours spent in the office, you can feel tired and burnt out. Many entrepreneurs hit a fork in the road where they must decide if they want to scale back or move forward in order to make a real impact. By creating proven processes, a strong team, and a structured schedule, you’ll be able to grow your business in ways you never thought possible… without having the life sucked out of you.  

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Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PDT - We’re living through history right now. Covid-19 has brought on a ton of change in a very short amount of time. News headlines are nonstop, but we still have a lot of questions. What do I do? How can I prepare for the next few months? What about the economy, the housing market, the next recession? Well, that’s why this podcast is my message of encouragement to you, my analysis on what the future holds, and what you should be doing to double down in the most trying times. Here we go...

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Not every investor is the same - and that definitely rings true for Jon Tran. Jon left med school to partner up with his brother, where together they’ve built a pretty slick operation. Jon lives in San Diego, but 99% of his deals are fix n’ flips and buy & holds in rural Wisconsin. This allows him to hyperfocus on his lead gen and marketing. Today you’ll not only get a raw inside look at what led to this wild transformation story, but also what he’s learned, and what’s crushing it for him right now.

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This one might apply to seasoned investors as much or more than the new guys. Whether you’ve been in the game for 10 weeks or 10 years, we all feel like giving up at some point, whether it’s on little stuff like our marketing, our sales skills, bringing in leads, or our business as a whole, and sometimes even our families. This week, Adrian’s going to give you 3 key questions to ask yourself, to encourage, motivate, and keep you on track, when you start to question why you started in the first place. Listen in.

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In our 4th and final episode in our series covering direct mail for real estate, we sat down with Christina Krause of Postal Impact. We dove in deeper to discuss tracking, training, metrics, and all of the insanely strategic things Christina does for her clients. So get out a pen, get comfortable, and get ready to learn all about what your direct mail campaign may be missing: data.

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You might be wondering why we are doing a whole series on direct mail when we are web guys at heart. The answer to this is momentum. You’ll want to focus on consistency and predictability in order to gain momentum for your business. The more marketing channels you add, the more consistency you will create as things ebb and flow. Todd Swaggerty is a pro when it comes to direct mail for real estate. In this episode we will set your expectations and show you how to create a direct mail strategy that works!

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Direct mail marketing should be a part of any successful marketing campaign. In this series, we’re sitting down with some of the industry’s top marketing experts to demystify the direct mail process, to get tactical about your direct mail marketing, and to show you exactly how to get started on any budget. We’ll let you know how to optimize, who to target, and what you should be paying attention to. We’ll teach you how to leverage your direct mail and walk you through how it relates to your marketing mix!

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Want more motivated house sellers using direct mail? We’ve got you covered. Listen to real estate’s #1 experts in direct mail teach you exactly what thousands of investors and agents are doing to bring in more high-quality leads, at a lower cost, without the headache. In this 4-part series, we answer all your questions on Budgets, Lists (including ones you never knew about), Who to target, When to target, Frequency, Follow-up, Mail pieces, Testing, and more! Whew, that’s alot! Can you even handle this?

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If you’re having trouble closing the deal, you might be missing two things. 1) Confidence that you are the right solution to a seller’s problem, and 2) A solid understanding of your seller’s objective. Adrian is going to give you a peek inside the head of a motivated seller as he shares this story of how he was able to close a deal with someone who otherwise never would’ve dealt with a real estate investor. Want to know how he did it? Tune in.

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One of our missions here at Carrot is to help you grow that freedom, grow that flexibility, increase those finances and finally make the impact that you want to make. That's really the entrepreneurial dream that we're all after, is getting that freedom, flexibility, finances, and impact.

One of the ways to do that is by what we call stacking your leads.

Stacking your leads means finding one thing that works and then stacking more things on top of that. It adds diversification. It makes it to where you can really scale better and go deeper into your market.

One of the ways that a lot of people are doing that is with cold calling.

Now, the cool thing about any kind of marketing, whether it's direct mail, cold calling, anything at all offline, radio and TV, is your website if you do it right, is actually going to help amplify all of that marketing.

Every single day whenever you're putting out that marketing, people are taking out their cellphone and they're going to the internet and they're going to research you. Your company name, the phone number on your direct mail pieces, or the phone number you're calling from, possibly your personal name and your competitors.

If you have a tight strategy and you're leveraging Carrot to rank well and then perform amazingly on mobile and convert those people into leads and build credibility, you're going to be winning more of those deals. Every single day there's tons and tons of deals are lost because people aren't focusing on the performance side of their online performance side of their offline marketing. People are dropping balls in leaky buckets everywhere when prospects are hitting the web, after seeing your online marketing ... Or after seeing your offline marketing or getting a cold call from you and you're not closing the deal on your website.

This call right here is about cold calling. Amazing, amazing clients of ours, Max Maxwell and Tony Robinson, they were at the CarrotCamp recently here in Roseburg, Oregon at Carrot HQ and they really showed how they're on their own journey to go over $100,000 a month. At that time at CarrotCamp, they were already at about $900,000 in wholesale profits, which is amazing!

The primary source for that is cold calling amplified by their Carrot website and a little bit of pay-per-click that they're doing. We said, "You know what, Max, Tony? Come into my office, let's talk about what you guys are doing in the cold calling. Let's go up a couple levels."

We're not going to get into the weeds in this call, but we're talking about what these guys are doing to pull out so many deals in their market with cold calling. What processes and what tools they use. Also, who they're hiring and how to pay them. 

They dive into it fully here and they also talk about a new tool that they released, which is really, really cool, that they have been using and their students have been using.

In addition to that, we actually brought Max onto a training program that we created this last year called the Market Leaders Reveal training program. It's a 10 week, 10 person training where we walk you through the top eight to 10 clients of ours, or just some top eight to 10 clients of ours who are crushing with different types of marketing where online amplifies all of it. One of those types that Max is using, once again, is cold calling.

He dove into that process in crazy great detail. At the end of this call, I'm going to give you a link that you can go to get that training, to invest in that training. You get access to everything that Max has, including the cold calling scripts and tools he uses and all that stuff to amplify what you learn in this particular episode.

Without further ado, I'm going to introduce Max Maxwell and Tony Robinson to talk about how they do cold calling, how they're pulling out so many deals in the market with cold calling, and I'm just insanely proud of these guys and to have them as a part of the Carrot community.

Learn from them, and I'll meet you on the other side of this podcast with the link where you can access our Market Leaders Reveal training.

Enjoy and be sure to hit us up on Facebook, please give us a rating on iTunes, watch other episodes on YouTube, or read the Carrot blog and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear them!

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We’re entrepreneurs. We want to take on the world on our own. We dive in with ambition, get caught up in the hustle, and become so focused on our goals that the “how” becomes more important than the “who”. This week, Adrian is sharing his story of how he’s found more success by surrounding himself with the right people (who most would consider his competitors) and how this has helped him become more successful in his market change his family tree. Listen in

This is a conversation that needs to happen. It’s what most agents and investors are already thinking, but nobody’s talking about. There’s a massive disconnect in the real estate industry, but times are changing, and your customers are changing. Some really might not like what I have to say in this episode, but the ones who pay attention are the ones who will prevail over the competition, and most importantly, serving their customers better than anyone else knows how. Ready for a paradigm shift? Listen in.

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If you’re frustrated, struggling to get momentum and feel like you just can’t crack through, you might need to pivot. You might need to make a change in the way you’re trying to get deals. Knowing when to make that change and having backup options for your business is what separates the successful investors from those who give up. That’s why Adrian is going to lay out a clear plan that saves you from frustration and helps you win in the long game.

You’ve heard me talk a lot about becoming an authority. By using the right content, you can position yourself to be the expert in your market or in your niche. Shemeika Fox is doing just that. After participating in our 30-Day challenge, Shemeika has been able to take her marketing to the next level. With unique listing videos and the ability to position herself where people are looking, Shemeika Fox is quickly becoming Santa Cruz’s real estate expert!

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It’s really easy to want to look at other successful investors and copy their techniques. It can be tempting to dive right into making cold calls or sending out mail, throw up a website, and call it good, meanwhile hoping that we can win by just working harder. But... the one missing piece to your hustle just might be your messaging. If you haven’t learned exactly how your market and the people in it tick, you’ve set yourself up to fail. Hit play to hear how you can become the authority in your market. 

Meet Peter Lorimer. He’s responsible for over 30 #1 Hits, the host of his own Netflix series, and an agent that is dominating his own niche in real estate. Today, you’re going to learn how Peter positioned himself as an expert, created and dominated a brand new niche, built an insanely powerful brand, where 90% of his leads come through social media, and most importantly, how he does all of this while having the time of his life.

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Welcome to a brand new series hosted by our very own coach Adrian Nez! Over the years, Adrian has built and scaled a valuable real estate investing business that brings him freedom. He’s a man who walks the talk, and he’s wildly passionate about helping investors succeed, which is why we’re having him on to help you avoid the costly mistakes he sees every single day. So, save yourself the stress and heartache, let us give you the shortcut to success, and start to grow a business that finally sets you free.

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Standing out from the pack and becoming the expert in your field is critical to your success. Nate Kennedy is the expert when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for investors and agents alike. Using his 3-pillar system, Nate can help his clients to bring in leads and close deals by helping them to become the celebrity in their field. Using the tips offered here, you will be able to create a content plan that builds momentum and creates success for your business!

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Doubts. We all have them pop into our head, telling us why we can’t do something, making us fearful of taking the next step, even causing us to slip into a depression. If we let them, these doubts can paralyze us and keep us from reaching our goals… So how do we flip the script in your mind so we’re not constantly being dragged down? I’m going to let you in on a private call with a good friend of mine and share with you how I manage to keep moving forward when I’m at my worst.

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Once in awhile you are given the opportunity to sit down with someone who has truly changed your life. Jay Papasan has done this for me and countless others with his tools, talks, and books. The ONE Thing is a highly recognized, national best-seller, that has changed the way people run their businesses and live their lives. Listen in as we talk about setting goals, thinking like a CEO, giving back, and finding the ONE thing you can do to get yourself to where you want to be.

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Are you used to the feeling of always behind? Are you playing catchup and planning your quarter after it’s already started? I’ve been there too. Listen to this final episode in my mindset series as I show you how to get clear on your most important objectives for 2020 so you can make the biggest impact possible.

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As a business owner, investor, or entrepreneur, you’ll have to make shifts as you grow and scale your business. Since starting Carrot I've learned a number of lessons about optimizing myself both personally and professionally. I was pumped to sit down with Brady for an in-studio session diving into some of the biggest challenges and lessons I have had to learn as we grow this business from nothing to $10 million.

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There are two skills that every entrepreneur needs in order to be successful. Negotiation & Leadership. They also happen to be the most difficult and time-consuming to learn. That’s why we’re introducing you to Steve! Steve leads a brokerage of over 150 agents, where he’s honed his skills as an expert negotiator, investor, and leader of people. In this interview he breaks down his best questions, scenarios, and tips around negotiation. Listen, be inspired, take notes, then go close lots of deals like Steve.

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Here are my 3 Promises To You for this episode: 1) Get insight into the biggest mindset shifts I made in 2019 (one can change your life), 2) You’ll have a clear plan for 2020 w/ my UPDATED planning process, and 3) Access to my NEW & improved goal setting templates. In case you missed it, listen to this replay of my annual EPIC planning call or catch the video replay and get access to all slides and assets at

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If you have been a real estate investor for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of BiggerPockets. May of 2019, I was honored to be the second guest on the BiggerPockets Business Podcast. We got to talk about my personal journey with finding my unique abilities, how to build an iconic brand, and how to master my content bullseye framework. Listen in for an episode that’s a little different this week, and be sure to check out all of the cool things that BiggerPockets has to offer real estate investors. 

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Do you have a clear framework that shows you the blind spots in your business? Do you have a defined strategy that reveals weaknesses and threats to your business? Today I want to show you the process that our leadership team uses to protect our business and set us up for massive success going forward. Listen in!

Robert is already a successful agent and has closed several deals through Carrot as an investor, but he wants to ramp things up. On this call, Trevor lays out the exact content marketing plan to help him build authority in his market, reveals the strategy shifts he needs to make with his investor and agent Carrot websites, and teaches him how to ramp up his credibility and close ratio! Listen in to get a behind the scenes look at the journey of someone just like yourself. Let’s dive in.

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Over the years, I’ve crash-tested dozens of ways of setting goals, both personally and with Carrot. Nothing has been more effective and brought more focus and alignment than this right here. The new year is just around the corner. And if you don’t already have your sight sets on clear, measurable goals for work and at home, now’s your chance. Listen in to find out how we do it. Let’s crush it next year.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. If you aren’t plugged into the right information, connected to the right people, or in a space where you can ask questions, your business is going to suffer. Mike Hambright has been investing in real estate since 2008. Since then he has been busy with investments, coaching, and finding ways to give back and add value to others. Today we talk about the impact of community, plus what Mike has learned this year from some of the top investors in the country. Listen in.

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You’re working in your unique ability when you have more energy at the end of the day than before you started. Is this you? Or are you coming home every day wishing you had enough energy to show up for your family and you’re not even remotely excited to face the next day? That was me before all of my hustle and grind almost caused me to lose my family - the ones I was working so hard for. Don’t go another day without doing this one simple exercise that completely changed my life.

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We all have bad days. Stuck in a funk, bummed out, just not feeling it... this was me last week. But, I realized something needed to change. I needed to deal with my ANTS - Automatic Negative Thoughts. This episode isn’t about real estate, ya’ll. This is about how to be happy, how to amplify others and how to show up every day giving your absolute best. I’m going to share with you how I went from being reactive to being proactive, took control over my thoughts, flipped the switch, and regained my momentum.


2:49 - Recognizing that you're in a funk.
6:53 - If you’re like me - ambitious, but low on willpower, you might need habit triggers.
9:35 - What are ANTS? And how do our thoughts affect how we feel physically? We can do everything to make sure we show up our best every day, but sometimes forget to care of our minds.
11:07 - PANTS: Positive, Aspirational, New Thoughts Inject positivity into your brain! "This is easy!" "I can do this forever" "My energy is high!"
15:03 - Stop letting the negativity around you weigh you down. Use your energy for positivity, add value, add growth, and get excited about what you're doing!
16:37 - Own your thoughts with affirmations for specific situations and tell your thoughts where to go.
22:32 - Future pace: Be grateful for what you have in the moment and have a vision for where you are heading.
28:32 - Create a culture of energy within your business. Become a power plant for energy. What companies like Dutch Bros and Carrot are doing in rural America to make an impact on millions of people.
33:20 - Wrapping it up… We’re launching ASK CARROT! A weekly Live Q&A with Trevor. Head over to or starting February 14th at 1 PM PST to ask him anything!

One of the biggest derailers of our success is limiting beliefs. We all have them. It’s the negative thoughts that stand between us and the person we want to become. But, the struggle that most of us have is the ability to recognize those thoughts and actually get past them. This is one of the biggest mindset shifts that happened in me, that has allowed me to build, grow, and scale something that I’m passionate about and that truly makes an impact. Find out what’s stopping you. Listen in.

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If you’ve listened to the CarrotCast in the past, you’ll know that we’ve done a few episodes on land and how beneficial it can be for your portfolio! Today I am super excited to sit down with Willie Goldberg who has been a real estate investor for 2.5 years. While most people throw away land leads, he’s made $1.6 million in the last 12 months! Listen in while we discuss how he got into land, what he’s doing to capture leads, and to learn his strategy of how he plans to close 500 land deals over the next year!

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Are you clear on the person you want to become and are you okay with the person you are becoming? If not, then you might be where I was just a few years ago...successful on the outside but something deeply missing on the inside. I had everything, but I was miserable. I needed a clear vision and a way to get there. Today I’m going to share the exact process that I used to create and live out my dream life, so you can go do the same. Listen in.

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When I first started the CarrotCast in 2016, I knew I needed my first guest to be someone positive, knowledgeable and motivating. The first person I thought of is Tom. In that 1st episode, Tom brought his incredible energy and dropped lots of real estate knowledge. Tom has one of those personalities that are infectious. His enthusiasm makes you feel like you could accomplish anything. He’s back with us today to discuss mindset, marketing, and what he’s learned over the past 3 years at WholeSaling, Inc.

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Today I’m going to walk you through how I begin to plan out my entire year, to make sure I’m laser-focused on what’s most important. There’s an exact process that I follow to hit the reset button on my business, gain clarity and alignment with my team, and re-energize so we can head into the next year ready to make a massive impact. Join me in this brand new series where I’m tackling the #1 key ingredient every entrepreneur needs to understand in order to be successful… MINDSET. Let’s dive in.

Whether you are an agent or investor, using the right marketing strategies is critical to your success. You need to get leads in the door, but with so many options, how do you know where to go all-in? We hear from clients all of the time that doing the marketing work is too much work or that it is too expensive. When you are doing the wrong things, it can be. But when you are able to implement smart strategies and create a unique selling proposition, your business will begin to market itself.

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Growing and scaling a business can be a huge challenge for some entrepreneurs. You can be pouring your heart and soul into something and still feel as if you are dragging your feet through the mud. In this Truck Talk, I wanted to share some thoughts on mindset, thinking bigger, and knowing how to shift within your business without losing your focus. Growing your business, and reaching the next level is 100% possible when you take the time to follow these steps. Listen in.

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How Many deals are slipping through the cracks due to a bad follow-up process - or even worse, no process at all? In this final episode of Trevor’s Marketing Truck Talk Masterclass, he lays out 4 crucial tips our best customers are using to double their lead-to-close ratio! Stop losing leads to your competition… Listen in! Visit for the entire series.

Within just a few years, Big Block Realty has grown from a small one-room office to the fastest-growing brokerage in the state of California! By focusing on what the agent needs to successfully sell real estate, Big Block is able to attract some of the best talent in the game. Today, Sam Khorramian breaks down their insanely-effective content and sales funnel strategy for both agents and investors. Ready to stop chasing business and instead have it chase you? Sam's here to tell you how.

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Marketing can be overwhelming. Intimidating. Massively distracting! Between social media, PPC, SEO, Facebook ads, not to mention all of your offline marketing, how on earth do you decide what to focus on?! Trevor is going to simplify it for you. He’s going to lay out the exact steps you need for scaling your marketing efforts, 1 thing at a time. Oh! And if you missed Part 1 of this episode, go back and listen to “How to Scale Your Marketing With MATH, Not EMOTION!” Enjoy!

With more competition in a crowded market, your ability to execute a sale has never been more important. That’s why we’ve brought back the most-listened-to CarrotCast guest of all time, the master of sales psychology, John Martinez. John has spent years perfecting his sales process, coaching and consulting real estate investors, helping them ensure that they're closing every closable deal at the highest margins possible. Listen in and let him walk you through his best scripts, word-for-word!

Direct download: Ep_178_John_Martinez_.mp3
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If you view your marketing simply as an expense, you’re doing it wrong. GOOD marketing should be an investment. The problem is, most people don’t know how much money to budget and where to spend it! That’s why Trevor is going to lay out the exact formulas and numbers you need to be crunching in order to have effective marketing that produces consistent lead flow. Listen in! Visit for the entire series.

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For Keith Sant, Kind House Buyers is more than just the name of his business, it is how he conducts business and his life. I first got to know Keith just a few weeks ago at our most recent CarrotCamp, and right away I was struck by his hunger, drive, and gratitude. These are the things that have led him to create a very successful wholesaling business in the Pacific Northwest. 


Keith believes in treating everyone the same. He talks to his sellers the same way he talks to investors. He grew up not having much, so his sincere gratitude for all he’s achieved shines through when you talk to him about his business. 


A while back, Keith heard a podcast I did about CarrotCamp, the benefits, the highlights, and what people could expect to take away from the event. He knew it was something he needed to attend, but he wasn’t making the 100k per year that he needed to qualify… yet. 


“Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” - Jim Rohn


Instead of feeling defeated, Keith got down to it and closed the deals he needed to. He was able to close 8 in one month, in a very competitive market nonetheless. Needless to say, Keith made it to the next CarrotCamp, and we were thrilled to have him join us. 


In The Beginning


In order to get where he needed to be, Keith knew he had to buckle down and do the work. Before real estate, Keith was working in screenprinting. He never referred to himself as an entrepreneur, but he has always known he wouldn’t be able to work with someone who didn’t value him or his contribution. 


Eventually, Keith went back to school. There isn’t a degree for entrepreneurs, so he studied marketing instead. Why? Because he didn’t think he was that great at it, so he figured he should learn. 


Real estate was always an interest, but the entry barrier seemed too high. He had a friend in Texas doing flips and wholesaling houses. Keith worked with him for a while, then brought his business to the Pacific Northwest. He worked hard, got his first wholesale deal, and it was on from there. This year he’s looking at doing about 25 deals, with an average profit of $15,800. 


Initial Marketing


Bandit Signs


Keith started with bandit signs and a lot of them. To be effective, the signs needed a few key elements. 


  • Keith got an easy to remember, repeating digit phone number
  • The phone number was HUGE so people could see it
  • He included his website as it was something people could remember and look-up when they got home
  • He was strategic in where he put the signs. He didn’t put them in downtown Seattle. He put them on the outskirts of town He put a sign in the middle of nowhere that turned into a 30k deal. 
  • On average, Keith drops 120 signs per month. His rule is to put out 2 signs whenever he goes out. 


Having a website up before making his big marketing push was important. People told him he didn’t need a site or that a basic one-page site would do. However, Keith knew that a great site would showcase his message, mission, and sincere intent to help others. His site looks great on mobile devices, catching the attention of all those people who may be interested in his offer as they drive by. 


The Craigslist Strategy


Craigslist is still one of the best ways to generate cheap leads. Keith’s strategy included a few key steps. 


  • He had two different versions of his ad. One introduced his company and services, the other was a bit more personal. 
  • He posted in the services section under real estate services, moving services, and other places where his competition wasn’t. 
  • He posted one ad every Friday, with each ad being up for 4 weeks. At any time, Keith would have 4 ads up in one place or another. 
  • Keith set up a separate phone number for Craigslist, helping him to know where the leads were coming from. 


Investor Carrot offers a great resource to help you kick off your Craigslist campaign to generate quality, low-cost leads. 


“When others were out drinking on a Friday night, I was putting up signs or home placing Craigslist ads.” 


All of Keith’s hustle worked. His first check was for $8,900. 


Keith’s Marketing Mix Today


Keith’s marketing strategy today still incorporates Craigslist and bandit signs, but he’s added a few other elements to his marketing strategy. Today, Keith’s leads come from a variety of places. 


  • Bandit Signs
  • Craigslist
  • Investor Carrot
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Organic Traffic 
  • Paid Ads - PPC


PPC has been instrumental for Keith. He’s been able to close 1 in 10 leads this way. Recently, PPC costs have driven people away from this method of marketing. This has opened the doors for people who want to use PPC to drive more high-quality leads to their websites. 


The Importance of Mindset


Throughout Keith’s journey in real estate, he’s learned that he needs to keep the right mindset. By consistently doing all of the small things each day, Keith was able to build a business that he is proud of. He went to school, he learned the business, and he got to work. He didn’t give up and that is what has led him to the life he’s leading today. 


The way he operates his business is simple. He wants to work with people he likes, doing deals that really help everyone. He knows people may take advantage of his kindness, but the way he looks at it is that it’s an inexpensive way to weed out the bad people from his life. 


I recently challenged our listeners to do some push-ups each day, doing one more than they had the day before. I’ve watched Keith crush this challenge, putting up his videos and numbers each day. It is this mindset that is helping him to grow his business into something bigger. 


Consistency is inspiring. While the flash in the pan is eye-catching, the person who is doing the work day in and day out, will ultimately be the bigger inspiration to those around them. They may not have been inspiring others on day one, but when they are doing 150 push-ups in a row, people are going to notice. 


Follow Our Guest:


Check out Keith’s website Kind House Buyers


You can find Keith on LinkedIn


Kind House Buyers on Facebook


Mentioned In This Episode: 


CarrotCast Episode 102 - CarrotCamp Spring 2018 Real Estate Investing Mastermind for Market Domination


CarrotCamp - The 2-day event to change your mindset, business, and life. 

Investor Carrot’s Craigslist Resource

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When every other agent and investor is offering the same not sacrificing your commissions? What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Let me just walk you through the most effective, actionable steps and catch-phrases you can start using to craft your own irresistible offer - just like how I’ve grown my previous businesses, Carrot, and how our top customers are closing more deals than anyone else. Let’s go! Visit for the entire series.

How mindful are we when it comes to the things you are saying? Not just to the people in front of you, but online as well? We have a very meaningful departure from our usual topics today, and instead, we wanted to focus on a topic that’s becoming more and more prevalent...cyber-bullying. Carrots own Joaquin Ortiz shares his story of family member and legendary marathon runner, Dr. Frank Meza, who was recently impacted by cyber-bullying. Listen in to learn how we can play our own parts in being more mindful.

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How many of your deals fall through because your buyer decided to back out at the last minute? Or maybe you offered everything you could think of, but they still weren’t convinced that you were the solution they needed. Throw out everything you thought you knew about sales. I’m going to teach you an entirely new perspective. Start shifting the way you speak to your prospects and stop letting deals fall through the cracks. Listen in. Visit for the entire series.

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Let’s welcome back a returning guest and one of my all-time favorite dudes, Daniel Digiacomo. Daniel is a pro when it comes to building a buyers list and adapting to a changing market. He started in real estate about 10 years ago as a landlord, and is now dominating the Baltimore, MD market in wholesaling. Today, we talk about the brass tacks on the recently passed legislation in Illinois affecting wholesalers. Is Wholesaling really illegal in Illinois? What’s this mean for me as an investor? & More! Listen in!

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“The market is saturated.” We hear this a lot lately. We know there are floods of new agents and investors coming into your market, wanting a piece of the pie. Competition is real. But we’re going to tell you why this shouldn’t be a concern for you, whether you’re new or experienced. The good news is that this happens in near every industry, and there are specific things you can do to stand out from your competitors. Trevor’s going to share with you one of the most important lessons he’s learned in his career, through working with tons of real estate investors and now agents. Hear from a master marketer on how you can stand out and build authority in your market. Listen in. Visit for the entire series.

Tyler Ford is our first ever 3-time CarrotCast guest - and there’s a good reason why! A few years ago, Tyler was at a crossroads in his business where he was either going to get out of the game, or decide to go all in. Now, he’s owning search results for a variety of terms in his market, finding creative ways to do more deals as an EXP agent and investor, and wholesaling multiple deals per month! He’s pretty glad that he decided to go all in. Listen in to hear his story and implement his strategy.

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You can find plenty of strategies and hacks about “How to reach your key demographic” or “How to find your ideal customer”, but the biggest problem is most people tend to skip over this one fundamental piece of all marketing. It’s the thing that separates the successful from the struggling. It’s the thing that removes all obstacles between you and your customer. It’s what you can’t afford to miss. Hear what it is in this week’s marketing truck talk with Trevor. Visit for the entire series.

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