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Get ready for some big, juicy knowledge bombs! We're putting our weekly live show "Ask Carrot" on temporary hold, but we still want to bring you as much value as humanly possible! So, we thought to ourselves "What better way to teach you marketing than to tap into the mind of the smartest marketer we know!" In this special 15-minute Marketing Masterclass, Trevor's going to teach you how to make people fall in love the way you do business, so they become your biggest advocates and best referrers. Here we go! Visit for the entire series.

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I used to think that if I just worked hard enough, I could make something big happen… I would feel a real sense of accomplishment… I could be in a spot where I could rest and finally be happy with my efforts. But, it wasn't until this one thing that I'm about to share with you that everything started to change for me. As our business grows at a rapid rate, I’m continually forced to step back and reevaluate everything we’re doing and get back to my ‘why’. Listen in and find out how you can get away from the grind, do more of what matters, and break free from stressful, crazy workdays.

How the heck do you as a real estate agent compete with Zillow and the big “iBuyers?” You beat them at their own game. In this Live Ask Carrot, Trevor breaks down the current shift that’s happening in the real estate industry, what you need to be looking out for, and how agents and investors working together is going to be crucial if you want to stand out.

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For a lot of us, real estate is the gateway to financial freedom. But trying to close a deal while you’re still working a 9-5 can be a struggle! If you’re just getting started and you’re trying to replace your income, you need to hear Dennis Fassett’s story. Dennis is a successful investor with a family and a full-time job. He’s going to teach you exactly how you can bring home the bacon even with limited time and resources, plus why he chooses to keep his day job.

Dennis’ Snapshot:

“Real Estate Marketer” in the Metro Detroit, MI market + 4 other markets.
Got his start in real estate just before the economy crashed.
Direct Mail + Carrot are his two main lead sources.
He has 4 business partners that he “farms” leads out to.
He generated 77 Deals in 2018.

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About a year ago, we connected with a new member here at Carrot, and he's one of the most passionate, action-taking, just hustlers, that you'll find out there.

I was so impressed. He joined Carrot a week or two later. He was up here in Oregon at our Carrot HQ for the very first CarrotCamp, and it was just really, really amazing, and I was crazy impressed seeing what he had been doing in Dallas, Texas, as a solo operator, using some crazy, crazy, creative marketing.

You're going to be hearing about some of that marketing here on this call, but that's not the end story.

When I was down in Dallas a few months ago, I met him and his two business partners, and since the time I'd first met him, about a year ago, he formed a partnership with two other local investors.

Since then, they've really scaled up their business in a big way, and they've done it by carving out a niche to where they can close deals that most other investors in their market can't.

They have other investors sending them deals all the time that say, "Hey, we can't figure out how to make this a deal," and they make them deals.

There's one deal that he talks about on this podcast where the person was going through foreclosure. He was able to help save the house. They stayed in the house, and he gave them money, $20 grand or whatever it was, for her daughter's wedding, and not just that, they're going to end up making a really, really, really big payday at the end of this because they are creative with their deals.

That was the deal that everyone else looked at and said, "There's nothing here," and he turned it into a $30,000+ payday and helped the seller in a big way, and that seller's just eternally grateful.

I want to introduce you to Tang Nguyen and his business partners with The Odd Brothers, Fred and Eric. Two amazing dudes, as well, and listen to their story. Be inspired by how they saw collaboration, not competition, with other people in their market. See how they're being creative and thinking about deals in different ways.

When entering a tighter market, you need to be more creative with your deals. You need to find ways to collaborate with other investors, not be competing with them, and shift that mindset, you all.

This is a collaborative industry. When you look at your competition as competition and not as a collaboration, that's when it gets really, really hard. That's when you're out on an island by yourself.

They get emails and text messages every single day from local wholesalers and flippers who say, "Man, I've got this deal. I don't know how to structure it. Is this something you can handle?"

Introducing Tang Nguyen, Fred, and Eric from The Odd Brothers, and an amazing, amazing story. Dive in.

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While being raised dirt poor (literally), his parents worked 16 hour days in the sun. He had no education until he came to America at 9 years old, dropped out of High School at 17, and moved into his girlfriend’s mom's trailer to start a new life. How does one insecure, shy kid turn into a money-making, content-producing machine?

His name is Khang Le and he’s a massive action-taker.

He brings more energy than anyone we know and he’s here to teach you how you can change your life.

In this inspirational, yet tactical conversation, you'll hear about:

Khang's business model as a real estate investor and why he chooses not to do fix-n-flips,

How he nets $250k/month across 4 markets, all deals done virtually,

His strategy for direct mail, cold calling, and virtual assistants,

and the difference between owning a job and owning a business.

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How to get convert more leads from the cold calling you’re already doing:

How Come That Idiot's Rich and I'm Not?

‘The Secret’ Documentary:

As we continue ‘Content Is King’ month, it wouldn’t help you very much if we didn’t teach you how to actually get eyeballs on your content. This week we show you how to create compelling content that is specific to your ideal customers, how to publish consistently without it taking all your time, and most importantly, how to turn your audience into leads. Catch the replay on or LIVE Thursdays at 1 PM pacific on or

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Before the success of growing Carrot, came a slew of failures and struggles. If it weren’t for making a few massive mindset shifts through the years, I wouldn’t be where I am today. In this speech from Max Maxwell’s live event, I shared with 1,000+ wholesalers the most crucial realizations and steps I had to take in order to break free from the grind, regain my happiness, and build a valuable business that is worth waking up for. Don’t waste another minute trying to do it alone. Hit play.

“You can have everything you love in life as long as you give up what you don’t love.”

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August is “Content is King!” month at Carrot! The biggest roadblock we hear from our customers when it comes to content is “I don’t know what to talk about!” Well, you’ve got the time, the money, and the expertise… all you need is the right idea! We’re going to walk you through our framework for how to create more of what your customers want to hear most (all without a big budget or team.) Stop struggling when it comes to putting out content! Tune in and find out how we do it here at Carrot. Catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook or