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Did you know the #1 site in our whole system as far as lead volume goes is a land investing site? Yep, you read that right... an investor flipping land. Why? Less competition. No rehabs, contractors, or toilets. So many investors are throwing away good leads! On this replay of AskCarrot, we'll show you how our members are using Carrot to attract and convert thousands of land sellers and buyers per month. Want to get into land? Dive in! Catch the YouTube version at and join us live every Thursday at 1 PM - or

11:20 “We’re not just teaching you how to get leads, we’re teaching you how to be better marketers.”
13:30 Looking at Carrot’s highest-performing land website Case studies with Carrot and land - Luke Harris is doing 8-10 deals per month
16:40 How to do a land deal, step-by-step
19:00 The two types of land you can get into
24:00 Supply and Demand: How direct mail, Google, and cold calling, craigslist, and
33:30 Keywords to target when buying and selling land
44:30 What types of online content should I be creating for my land website to attract more sellers?
52:35 The math behind land deals: Shoot for tripling your money.

Find out how to generate land leads online with Carrot:

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Find out how to generate land leads online with Carrot:

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