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While being raised dirt poor (literally), his parents worked 16 hour days in the sun. He had no education until he came to America at 9 years old, dropped out of High School at 17, and moved into his girlfriend’s mom's trailer to start a new life. How does one insecure, shy kid turn into a money-making, content-producing machine?

His name is Khang Le and he’s a massive action-taker.

He brings more energy than anyone we know and he’s here to teach you how you can change your life.

In this inspirational, yet tactical conversation, you'll hear about:

Khang's business model as a real estate investor and why he chooses not to do fix-n-flips,

How he nets $250k/month across 4 markets, all deals done virtually,

His strategy for direct mail, cold calling, and virtual assistants,

and the difference between owning a job and owning a business.

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