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Meet Troy. Troy is a 10-year real estate investor, so he kind of knows his stuff. One day while driving to work, Troy thought “I’m not getting any leads through my Carrot website, I think I’m just going to cancel.” But Troy’s not a quitter, so he decided “Ya know what, I actually like making money. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.” So Troy started ramping up his marketing through PPC and got some help from the Carrot folks. It turns out his work paid off… Troy made over $50k last month by closing 4 deals he got through his site. Now Troy is getting results. Now Troy is ramping up his business. Now Troy is happy! Here’s how he did it...


2:29 - Troy's started out 10 years ago as a real estate investor and house flipper in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Right now, he’s averaging about 8-10k per PPC deal and closing roughly every 1 in 5-10 leads. Get in touch with the PPC experts he used HERE.


8:41 - What one thing is costing you the most money?  Lack of follow-up with your leads. Consistent follow up is key to closing your deals. Sometime we think we’re bugging people by calling, texting, and emailing him. Without his persistency through 8-10 phone calls, Troy would’ve missed out on $30k from someone who wanted to sell their house.


13:12 - How he plan to ramp up his marketing this next year. Doubling down in online, optimizing his website, and committing to larger direct mail campaigns.


17:32 - How much can you afford to spend per deal? Figure out your max cost per lead and max cost per deal with this calculation:


18:16 - When something is not working, make a mindset shift and ask yourself "Have I truly given this a real chance?" Troy knew his time could be better spent on getting deals done so instead of going the DIY route with his website and marketing, he outsourced it and hired experts, and switched to Carrot’s advanced marketer plan.


21:15 -Suggestions for success from a carrot customer. Commit to finding a way to drive traffic to to your website. There’s a reason why we repeat ourselves at Carrot… the model works! Implement and educate, implement and educate.

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